Charbay Green Tea Vodka

Charbay Green Tea Vodka has a floral aroma with notes of jasmine

A soothing cup of green tea is always a delight to the senses. Teas like jasmine and matcha carry sweet fragrances that are noticeable yet subtle and a taste that is clean and smooth. With its refreshing taste and aroma, green tea is used to flavor many items, from ice cream to spa products — and now vodka.

Master Distiller Miles Karakasevic of Charbay has captured the essence of green tea in his newest brainchild, Green Tea Vodka. The idea began when Karakasevic wanted to “highlight the delicacy, lightness and fragrance of green tea — but in a martini or rocks glass.” Since then, he has worked to source, extract and distill various green teas in order to perfect his vodka. The final product is flavored with the extractions of four Chinese green tea varieties, all blended in a style similar to the way perfume is created. This attention to the vodka’s aroma is especially appreciated—since many vodkas smell overwhelmingly alcoholic — and gives the spirit a balanced structure and smooth finish.

On the nose, the vodka is almost floral, with remnants of Jasmine tea. Its sweet taste continues on the palate and finishes strong and clean, with a surprising after taste of tea, not alcohol. Although many vodkas are used for cocktails, this would do much better served in a chilled martini or straight up on the rocks, much like a cool iced tea. We recommend adding a few fresh raspberries or a squeeze of lemon for an extra kick.

Spirit Information

Charbay Distillery


4001 Spring Mountain Rd. St. Helena CA 94574 U.S.

Spirit Details

Price: $36 for 750 ml. ABV: 35%


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