Blavod Original Black Vodka

Blavod Original Black Vodka is made with an herb called black catechu

Since its initial launch, this sexy British creation has propelled itself into the category of “haute liquor,” joining the ranks of Bollinger (made famous by James Bond) and Rémy Martin (a favorite of hip hop artists such as Jay-Z).

More of a fad than a classy drink, however, Blavod has popped up in bars and clubs in such creations as the “Black Widow,” a colorful but simple cranberry-Vodka drink, or the “Screwed Up Screwdriver,” a Halloween-colored concoction that turns an unappetizing green when stirred.

For its price, Blavod surprisingly offers more than just looks. It is made with an herb called black catechu which not only lends it its silky black hue, but supposedly makes the liquor smoother as well.Almost tasteless and almost odorless, Blavod is a cut above party-staples such as Smirnoff, but don’t expect it to replace your favorite Stoli martini any time soon.


Black Widow Recipe

blavod cocktail

3 oz. Blavod Black Vodka
3 oz. cranberry juice

Fill small glass with ice. Pour in chilled cranberry juice. Layer with Blavod. Serve unstirred.

Spirit Information



70 Eastways Park CM8 3YE Witham United Kingdom

Spirit Details

Price: $24 for 750 ml. ABV: 40%


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