Medea Vodka sports an interactive LED light-up bottle

While all spirit brands try to stand out from the ever-saturated crowd, vodka makers have it particularly hard, as their product is supposed to be a neutral spirit. The makers of MEDEA seemed to have figured it out: a fun, updatable LED scrolling ticker built into the bottle!

Like the popular brand Ketel One, MEDEA vodka is produced in Schiedam, The Netherlands, which was once a bustling center of spirits production during the Industrial Revolution. Hewing to tradition, the 80-proof spirit is made from artesian water and distilled sixteen times according to techniques first developed in 1777. We found the result to be smooth and full-bodied. A slight, minimal burn coats the throat, imparting a pleasant warming sensation.

We spent more time playing with the bottle than we have with any other spirit we've reviewed. MEDEA's LED scrolling ticker displays up to six different messages containing as many as 255 characters in blue or white. Since the interactive bottle sports only four buttons but no keyboard, programming the messages is cumbersome, especially if one is partaking of the contents therein. We believe it can be used as a conversation starter and even an aid to seduction if words are chosen wisely, but may not be worth the added cost.

We have two questions for MEDEA's makers: Why would you name a vodka after a mythological woman who, after being dumped by her husband, killed their children and his new wife? And what do we do if the bottle's battery runs out before the vodka does?

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Price: $30 for 750 ml. ABV: 40%


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