Blanton's Original Single Barrel

Blanton's Original Single Barrel has a toffee-caramel aroma

The Blanton family made Bourbon before the Civil War, but their breakthrough came in 1984 when they introduced the first single barrel bourbon.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery product provides no age declaration on its distinctive parchment-like equator label that surrounds the multifaceted, squat globe bottle. Along with variations between bottles caused by each individual barrel being bottled unblended, there are also eight different racehorse and jockey poses on the stoppers. (Collect them all!) When we first pulled our stopper, its toffee-caramel aroma actually caused us to declare, "That smells good!" The reddish-amber bourbon has a lovely jolt of orange zest and burnt sugar on the palate. Exuding flavors, one sip feels like it fills our entire mouth. If not straight up, warm yourself by mixing this Buffalo Trace Distillery product with gin and absinthe to make a Bunny Hug.

Spirit Information

Buffalo Trace Distillery


113 Great Buffalo Trace Frankfort KY U.S.

Spirit Details

Price: $50 for 750 ml. ABV: 62.5%

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