Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit is a single barrel bourbon

The Dirty Bird...The Screaming Eagle... The Kicking Chicken... The flagship Wild Turkey Whiskey has been acclaimed in movie and song for its bad-boy ways, and has enough nicknames to fill a small phone book.

But we were impressed with its lesser-known cousin, Kentucky Spirit, which shares the same 101-proof strength. It's a single barrel bourbon, and legend has it that Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, who has worked for the distillery since 1954, personally selects the barrels that will be used in the specialty product. There's brown sugar and nutmeg on the nose, citrus on the palate, and a zesty finish. But what makes Kentucky Spirit truly stand out is its viscosity; one sip of this amber potion and our lips are coated with sweet goodness. If not straight up, really get into the Kentucky Spirit by mixing it into a bluegrass-style sazerac.

Spirit Information

Wild Turkey


1417 Versailles Rd. Lawrenceburg KY 40342 U.S.

Spirit Details

Price: $56 for 750 ml. ABV: 50.5%

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