The Glenrothes 1991

Each label of The Glenrothes 1991 features handwritten tasting notes

If you're an aficionado of The Glenrothes Scotch whisky and seeking a vintage to try, look no more. 

The rare 1991 vintage from selected casks is here for your tasting. The old-fashioned hand grenade-shaped bottle boasts a unique label with specific handwritten tasting notes from that cask. Master Distiller John Ramsay determined our specimen expresses berry fruit, vanilla and butterscotch, but we’re not talking ice cream here.

It’s more like gunpowder. The listed flavors are subjective and will evolve according to the surroundings, food and mood you're in, but there is no doubt that the folks over at the Speyside distillery have packed an elegant beverage with depth and balance in this detonating bottle.

“The typical characteristics of The Glenrothes are all here, of course, but the emphasis is on vanilla and butterscotch flavors,” stated Alexis Pagis, former Brand Manager of The Glenrothes. “Like each of The Glenrothes' Vintages that have come before it, the 1991 is unique, providing those fortunate enough to enjoy its richness with a new and exciting Single Malt experience of unmatched excellence.”

The distillery—which is controlled by Skyy Spirits, a subsidiary of Milan-based Gruppo Campari—bottles just two percent of its whisky as a Single Malt to ensure exceptional quality. Of the sixteen Vintages released by The Glenrothes, fourteen have completely sold out. And to date, only five Single Casks have been made available, with a bottle of 1966 selling for £1,000. The Glenrothes is matured in both Spanish and American oak casks—the best of both worlds.

The Glenrothes will definitely be a valuable addition to your liquor armory, as it certainly will deliver an explosion of scents, flavors and contentment. It's a good investment, but what’s up with the synthetic cork? Then again, plastic and explosives kind of go together.

Spirit Information

The Glenrothes


Burnside St, Rothes AB38 7AA Aberlour United Kingdom

Spirit Details

Price: $120 for 700 ml. ABV: 43%


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