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Primula's Flowering Tea is an experience that appeals to more than just one of the senses. Blended with jasmine five times to intensify its aroma, these green tea leaves are hand-sewn into clusters and unfurl when placed in hot water. Different flowers are sewn together with the tea, such as marigold, chrysanthemum and lotus, which are believed to possess benefits like liver and stomach aid, skin nourishment and stress relief.
We tried Primula's Green Tea with Jasmine Flowering Tea and found it to be a delightful experience. Our tea cluster unfurled to reveal a beautiful golden lotus flower as well as a richly fragrant jasmine scent. And despite remaining in the pot for an extended period of time, the tea never became bitter. We brewed the tea in one of Primula's tea pots, which worked well, but was somewhat of a visual letdown since its flatter shape prevented us from appreciating the taller flower varieties. But despite this, our tea experience was an enjoyable one — not just through taste, but through sight and scent as well.