Top Tea Products

Don't let your cup negate the earthy qualities of your favorite tea. Created with an environmental consciousness, these tea mugs from Artazza are sure to please even the most experienced tea drinkers.
The Swiss-designed and handmade cup, along with its corresponding bird-topped tea pot, is a stylish addition to any tea service. Made from German clay that requires 20 percent less energy to fire and finished with a completely lead-and cadmium-free glaze, the Tea Mug is a responsible consumer choice, and available in eight vibrant finishes. Each piece has a platinum glazed rim and handle, lovingly added by Terra Keramik founder and creative director Felix Vogler.
The mug itself has a sturdy construction and reassuring weight. The handle is a bit small, but our adaptation was quick to the new proportions. The walls of the mug took on the temperature of its contents, so be wary when drinking something that is piping hot.