Top Tea Products

We will never forget our first Moroccan meal. Funnily, it was not the food that impressed us most but the tea that was served. The cook came to the table with a gorgeous silver pot and tiny, ornate glasses. Quickly he poured the tea in one elegant movement from what seemed like the distance of a meter. The tea was light and divine. These traditional Moroccan glasses for mint tea, aperitifs or wine are hand finished with gold paint. The tempered glass set features an assortment of colors.

How to Prepare Mint Tea:

Bunch of fresh, organic mint
3 teaspoons green tea leaves (try Chinese gunpowder or Pearl) 
sugar or honey

Pour boiling filtered spring water over a handful of fresh mint leaves and the green tea. Steep for five minutes.

Another tasteful option adds 1 teaspoon fresh lavender flowers or orange blossoms in lieu of green tea leaves. Enjoy with a high quality honey or a lump of raw sugar. Bismillah!