St. George Pear Brandy is a fruit-forward eau de vie from California

St. George Spirits, located in Alameda, California, is known as America's first post-Prohibition craft distillery.

Since opening its doors in 1982, the company's flagship spirit has been this pear brandy. There's no skimping here: 30 pounds of organic Bartlett pears, picked at their peak of aromatic ripeness, go into each bottle. The entire pear is used and no sweeteners are added, making for a fruit-forward eau de vie. Though traditionally used by Europeans as a digestif, St. George's Pear Brandy is an excellent way to impart a cocktail with fruitiness without adding more sweetness. It is delightful with Champagne, in a pear martini or simply on its own.

Spirit Information

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Price: $40 for 750 ml. ABV: 40%


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