Wine Glossary | E

Wine Glossary | E

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EARTHY --- Describes a wine in which tastes or scents are characteristic of the soil in which the grapes were grown.

EASY --- Smooth; pleasant; supple.

ELEGANT --- Well-balanced, graceful; characterized by poise and finesse. A high compliment for a wine.

ENOLOGY --- The study and science of wine production.

ESTATE-BOTTLED --- Indicates the grapes have been grown, vinified and bottled under the supervision of a single winery.

EXTRA DRY --- Term used to describe sparkling wines that are not as dry as brut (though still not pronouncedly sweet). A wine containing between 1.2 and 2 percent sugar is considered dry.

EXTRACT --- Flavor substances (acids, pigments) extracted from the grape during fermentation and/or maceration.

EXUBERANT --- Generously fruity and vigorous.