Wine Glossary | O

Wine Glossary | O

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OAKY--- Describes a wine that smells and /or tastes of the oak barrel in which it was aged. Vanilla, as well as toasty flavors, can be derived from the barrel.

OFF --- Flawed; bad or in any way unpleasant.

OFF-DRY --- Slightly sweet or semi-sweet.

OVERCROPPING --- Allowing the vine to produce more fruit than its is capable of bringing to maturity, resulting in an inferior wine and causing damage to the vine.

OVERRIPE --- Term applied to wines made from overripe fruit, resulting in high alcohol content, heaviness, and imbalance.

OXIDIZED --- Applies to wines that are in the final stage of life, resulting in a brownish color and loss of freshness; may occur prematurely in wines that are exposed to oxygen.