Wine Glossary | R

Wine Glossary | R

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RACKING --- Method of clarifying wine by siphoning the clear wine into barrels or tanks, leaving behind the sediment and lees.

RAISINY --- Having a taste characteristic of raisins, usually a flaw, though desirable in some Ports or sherries.

RATAFIA --- A golden-colored dessert wine made by fortifying unfermented grape juice with brandy. Possesses peach and apricot flavors as well as a nutty aftertaste.

RESIDUAL SUGAR --- Sugar remaining in a wine after fermentation.

RESVERATROL --- A phytochemical found in red wine. It functions as an antioxidant and thus could hamper free radical damage linked to cancer. It is also believed to have anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties, increase HDL ("the good") cholesterol and thus reduce the risk for heart disease.

RICH --- Describes a wine with highly concentrated flavor or texture.

RIDDLING --- The method of turning bottles (by hand or machine) of sparkling wine to accumulate the sediment (mostly dead yeast cells) in the neck of the bottle for removal before final corking.

RIPE --- Describes a wine made from grapes at their optimum point of maturity.

ROBUST --- Used to describe a sound, full-bodied wine.

ROUGH --- Describes a wine with unpleasantly high levels of acidity and tannin.

ROUND --- Describes a well-balanced wine with smooth contours and no angularities.