Crystal Head Vodka undergoes a unique diamond filtration process

It's a skull-shaped bottle with a mysterious archaeological back story, a unique diamond filtration process and a big-name celebrity backing it up. 

Although he’s best known for comedy, from Saturday Night Live to The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters to name just a few, making vodka is no joke to Dan Aykroyd.

The Canadian-born actor, comedian, UFOlogist and New Age proselyte founded the Canadian-made spirit in 2008 with artist John Alexander (who designed the bottled). Made with water from a deep aquifer in Newfoundland, the vodka is distilled four times then filtered seven times, three of which are through Herkimer diamond crystals, which are believed to emit positive energy.

In the US, Crystal Head Vodka has a suggested retail price of $50 for a 750ml bottle packaged in a gift box.

The distinctive crystal head-shaped bottle is inspired by the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, which supposedly carry magical power and healing properties. We surmise that Aykroyd’s bottle does not defy the laws of crystallography and the axis of symmetry (to prevent the crystal from splitting during processing) like the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the most famous of the 13.

The vodka itself has character, too. Smooth, with a little bit of burn. Some licorice on the finish that tends to linger. And who doesn't love lingering licorice?

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Price: $50 for 750 ml. ABV: 40%

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