Best Chocolate Bars
in the World

Chocolate Brands You Need to Try

A long, long time ago, the Aztecs used to sip something they called Xocolatl as a health tonic. This not-so-sweet beverage derived from cacao seeds (which they believed were a gift from the gods) paved the way for today's much sweeter version of chocolate. Fast-forward to the late 19th-century and Swiss chocolatiers developed the conching technique to produce the smooth feel of solid chocolate we now know and love.

GAYOT's list of the Best Chocolate Bars features a selection of Swiss, Belgian and French pioneers along with modern artisanal chocolatiers who are pushing the envelope with new flavors and ingredients that indeed taste like food of the gods.

And lest you think chocolate is nothing more than a palate-pleasing indulgence, we have details on the numerous health benefits of eating this mood-enhancing sweet treat as well as its abilities as an aphrodisiac.  

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