11 Latin-Inspired
Supermarket Foods

Mainstream Food & Drink Brands Infused with Latin Flavors

By Virginia Isaad

The mainstreaming of international flavors in the United States is nothing new. (You can thank Mesoamerica for chocolate.) Through the years, Latin flavors have made their way into U.S. kitchens thanks to brands like Oreo and Frito-Lay developing their own Latin-inspired recipes. From the jalapeños cultivated in Mexico to dulce de leche from Argentina, these popular ingredients that are so commonplace in their native lands have now intrigued American taste buds. 

GAYOT's list of Latin-inspired foods and drinks is by no means exhaustive (or too serious). Rather, we're showing how Latin flavors have been reinterpreted and mass-produced to appeal to American palates, from tamarind beer to jalapeño tuna! Most of these Latin-inspired foods are available at a supermarket near you, so read on to see if your taste buds are adventurous enough to try these "fusion" flavors.