Guide to the Best BBQ Styles

Best Barbecue from Around the World

Barbecue is more than just a method of cooking. It’s a social event, a source of regional pride, and, for many sticky-fingered aficionados around the world, a way of life.

BBQ as we know it in the States traces its roots to the Taíno people of the Caribbean, whose system of slow-cooking meat over indirect heat eventually made its way to Mexico and the American South. Dubbed barbacoa by the Spaniards, the method became a favorite of poor colonials due to its ability to turn even the most undesirable cuts into tasty, tender meat.

Over the centuries and across borders, the traditional process has morphed to accommodate changing tastes and regional innovations. But one basic theme rings true for all forms of barbecue — an unwavering emphasis on thick slabs of carefully prepared meat.

Despite a common interest in all things meat, barbecue fans love debating who makes the best ’cue, whether it be Memphis-style ribs, Carolina pulled pork or even teppanyaki from Japan. While we wouldn’t dare to make a definitive claim on the best BBQ in the world, we do have our preferences.

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