A stainless steel exterior, authentic smoker box and burner are just some of the features of this BBQ grill.

First established in 1952, Weber has grown to become one of the top manufacturers and exporters of barbecue grills throughout the world. The Summit S-670 is Weber's grilling pièce de résistance for a reason — it's top of the line.

It features a flawless stainless steel exterior, authentic smoker box and burner, rotisserie system with an infrared burner and LED fuel scale, high-powered sear station and "flavorized" bars to catch juices and create smoke (to lock in flavors) while preventing bothersome flare-ups. It even has lighted control knobs for those stealthy night grilling sessions. The Weber Summit S-670 is the most expensive grill on our list, but this efficient, sleek and impressive machine deserves it.