Best Chocolate Bars
in the World

Alcove Red Velvet Milk Chocolate takes the essence of red velvet cake and infuses it into a chocolate bar.

This chocolate bar from the popular cafe in Los Feliz, CA, is smooth, creamy and has just the right amount of tang. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth and offers a nice surprise with little bits of cream cheese inside. Rich flavors of warm, freshly baked cake are undeniable in the bar, creating a chocolate that is sweet without being saccharine. The Alcove Red Velvet Milk Chocolate is made with 64 percent cacao and is blended with spices and other natural ingredients. The milk chocolate gives the bar a creamy, velvety texture that is heightened by the taste of cheesecake frosting and chocolate cake. Alcove uses no preservatives or additives and is certified kosher. Other winning flavors include Fleur de Sel, Mimosa, Chipotle Chili, Black Forest and more.

Our pick: Alcove Red Velvet Milk Chocolate