Best Chocolate Bars
in the World

Originated in 1987 by Austrian chocolatier Joseph Zotter, Zotter Chocolates boasts 365 flavors, produced each day of the year.

The flavors we taste-tested ranged from the creamy, caramel-filled Coffee Toffee to the earthy and bitter 100% cacao Peru bar (not for the faint of heart). Our unanimous favorite emerged as the Goji Berries in Sesame Nougat, a milk chocolate bar studded with dried goji berries and filled with layers of green tea ganache, homemade nougat and soy and sesame filling. In addition to creating their hand-scooped chocolates in-house, Zotter is an independent bean-to-bar producer that prides itself on using organic, fair-trade quality cocoa beans and runs the company entirely on eco-power. 

We're also huge fans of the artwork that covers each bar designed by Andreas h. Gratze. With his art design he turns a simple wrapper into a piece of art that adds to the overall experience. In 2014, Zotter opened a second location in Shanghai, Choco Shop Theatre, where visitors can observe the production process from start to finish.

Our pick: Goji Berries in Sesame Nougat