James Beard award winning chef Aaron Franklin tells the story behind his eponymous BBQ restaurant, recognized as the best barbecue joint in the US.

Aaron Franklin and his wife Stacy opened Franklin Barbecue in 2009 on an interstate in Austin, Texas and the droves of people flocked to his brisket like any good Texan would. In this manifesto, Franklin reaps poetic about the craft of barbecuing and provides more of a bare bones approach to barbecuing relying on the ethos that it's more about quality meat and cooking style and less about recipes. Within its 224 pages readers will find detailed instructions on how to build (or buy) a smoker, how to built and maintain a good fire, the basics of smoking meat and what to look for when purchasing quality meat. The book wouldn't be complete without its share of recipes but, true to form, he keeps it basic with only 11 actual recipes though each is extensively detailed (his famous brisket recipe is 19 pages long including how to properly slice it).