Matt Moore explores the Barbecue Belt of America tasting various styles of pork butt along the way

Matt Moore takes a culinary adventure through the South's Barbecue belt exploring the different variations of pork butt served up by some of the most prominent pitmasters. The book is broken up into three parts: part one breaks down some BBQ basics and the various regional differences in styles; part two takes Moore on his journey through some of the best smokehouses in the US including Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta, Wilbur's Barbecue in North Carolina, B-Daddy's BBQ in Texas and Bigg Butts BBQ in Arkansas; part three is all about the trimmings and while it includes the expected Southern sides like okra fries and fried green tomatoes, there are a few non-traditional recipes mixed in such as smoked brisket pho and pulled pork Mexican lasagna.