A comprehensive cookbook by James Beard, who has been called "the father of American cuisine." 

Originally published in 1972, the illustrated, encyclopedic volume features more than 1,500 of Beard's favorite recipes. Although he wrote more than 20 cookbooks, American Cookery is considered his chef d'oeuvre. The tome’s enduring popularity is due to the fact that it does more than deliver superb recipes, it digs deep into the history of American cuisine. Beard takes the time to explain the origins of such dishes as the 1940s-sounding “Mrs. Harland’s Fricassee of Lamb Tongues.” The book also includes advice on dozens of cooking questions, from how to choose the best produce to how to make an authentic cheeseburger. The 2010 edition features the original text and color illustrations, and a foreword by Tom Colicchio.