Healthy Snacks For Kids

Healthier Snacks for Halloween

By Virginia Isaad

If you read the ingredient labels of most Halloween candy it's downright scary. With the rise of conscientious eating, parents are now looking at more than just prices when choosing snacks for the little ones. Kids may not understand terms like "gluten-free" and "organic" but they know what they like and it doesn't always fall in the healthy category. Whether it's packing school lunches, deciding what to get for Halloween or what to eat while watching a movie, the tiniest snacks can sometimes make a big difference.

With that in mind, GAYOT has rounded up a list of Healthy Snacks for Kids that includes organic, kosher, gluten-free products that have no artificial flavors or coloring. Before you drop another processed sugar-filled candy bar into trick-or-treaters' bags, try the items on this list — both kids and adults will approve.