Use Strip House executive chef John Schenk's tips to cook the perfect steak

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Steak

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Steak

Want to learn how to cook the perfect steak? Follow GAYOT's five hot tips for fail-proof grilling.

1. Use blended oil
A 90/10 or 80/20 canola/extra virgin olive oil combination should be used to thoroughly coat steaks before cooking.

2. Dip don't brush
Dipping steaks in oil works better than brushing with oil because it doesn’t rub off the seasoning.

3. Keep it simple
The only seasoning you need for a perfect steak is coarsely ground black pepper and kosher salt on the steak before cooking, and a light dusting of pure medium-grind sea salt just before serving.

4. The hotter the better
Whether cooking your steak on a grill or flat-bottomed cast-iron pan, high heat helps develop a flavorful browned exterior without compromising a medium to rare texture on the inside of the steak.

5. Make it marbled
The best steaks for grilling are perfectly marbled, certified Black Angus ribeye. Marbling enhances flavor and keeps meat juicy. However, if you choose a leaner grass-fed steak, be aware that grass-fed proteins tend to cook more quickly than grain-fed, so your steak may reach the desired temperature more quickly. 

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