Best Golf Resorts
in the World

World's Most Scenic Golf Courses

Birdie, bogey and par — few languages are as international as the one spoken on the golf course. Whether you're in the home of the historic game or on a remote jungle-fringed fairway, the rules remain the same. As for the fairways themselves, not all are made equal, which is why we've taken such care in compiling GAYOT's list of the Best Golf Resorts in the World.

Not only did we evaluate the quality of the courses, but we also considered the challenges they offer. You'll find greens that include sand dunes, glacial lakes, dramatic elevation changes and even a few curious monkeys. And for the 19th hole, there is a memorable selection of venues for post-game drinks. Best of all, each of these courses comes with its own hotel, transforming a day of golf into the opportunity for a relaxing retreat.

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