Best Ranches
in the World

Luxurious Ranch Vacations

Along with baseball and apple pie, cowboys are indisputably all-American. But that doesn't mean the United States holds a monopoly on riding the open range. From gauchos who shout hearty holas in the Pampas to gardians who holler welcoming bonjours in the Camargue, ranch life is without borders.

GAYOT's list of Top 10 Ranches Worldwide features properties ranging from Montana to Mexico to Mongolia ... and you won't exactly have to rough it. Depending on which ranch you choose, you might bunk in an adobe bungalow, gallop through a cloud forest, saddle up a hearty Zuleteño horse or embark on a pack trip though the Continental Divide. 

Wherever your wanderlust leads you, rest assured you will enjoy your ranch retreat amid wide-open spaces. For even more classic ranch experiences, check out GAYOT's list of the Best Dude Ranches in America for more wild west action. Yippee ki-yay!