GAYOT Hotel Rating System

GAYOT Hotel Rating System

Guide to GAYOT's Hotel Star Rating System

Pure luxury: Among the best hotels and resorts in the world, these properties feature excellent restaurants, superlative amenities, distinctive décor and an emphasis on personal service. 

Everything you need and more: These notable lodgings offer a memorable luxury experience with high-end rooms, dining, amenities, style and service.


Very comfortable: While not laden with amenities, these trusty hotels provide nice extras along with personality, hospitality and comfortable rooms.


Reliable with some creature comforts: Rooms at these properties offer the expected basics and value with a modest selection of amenities in pleasant surroundings.


The Basics: These rooms may be simple, but they are also clean and comfortable, and include reliable budget chain hotels, hostels with unique perks and rustic retreats.

Not rated: Hotels without a rating are brand new, under construction or undergoing major renovations.