Anak Ranch

Orkhon Jims-Nogoo (Orkhon Jimsnii) Darkhan

A working ranch near the Siberian border provides the setting for an outdoor getaway not to be forgotten.

Even the most luxe ranch vacation requires moments of roughing it. But Anak Ranch is for those who really want to test their mettle in a far-flung location — the open steppes of Mongolia's Orkhon Valley near the Siberian border. In this land without fences, guests sleep in a ger (traditional wood-frame tents) and spend days horseback riding, milking cows, herding livestock, learning how to make Mongolian cheese, mountain hiking and fishing. This is a working ranch with 300 head of cattle, 150 horses, 120 cashmere goats and the occasional itinerant wolf. Not only will guests enjoy classic activities such as barn dances and horse treks to the Russian border, they can participate in Buddhist rituals and learn to drink vodka Mongolian-style, with a blessing to the sky gods in the direction of the four winds.

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Orkhon Jims-Nogoo (Orkhon Jimsnii) Darkhan Mongolia


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