Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

Dedicated yoga practitioners will appreciate the discipline and serene natural beauty at this island retreat.

Whether you choose to stay in a tent, cabin or beachfront suite, your experience here will focus on one thing: yoga surrounded by crystal blue waters, white sands and swaying palm trees. This Paradise Island retreat follows a rhythmic pattern: You'll rise at 6 a.m., meditate through dawn, chant until tea time and do two hours of hatha yoga before breaking for your 10 a.m. vegetarian meal. The afternoon follows a similar pattern with a second session of hatha yoga, 6 p.m. dinner and then an end-of-day presentation, live chanting session or dance performance as part of the daily satsang gathering. Guests also volunteer for karma yoga, which involves ashram duties (known to non-yogis as chores). This retreat, in the lineage of classic principles founded by esteemed yogi Swami Sivananda, also offers teacher training and escapes with themes such as positive thinking, Ahimsa: the Yoga Practice of Non-Injury, and Yoga, Stress and Food.

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