Château de Brissac

This noble retreat offers an intimate, insider's look at the French aristocracy.

Château de Brissac France

Ancestral home to the Dukes of Brissac, this 7-story castle claims to be the tallest in France. But that's not all it's known for. The resident Green Lady is the ghost of a young wife killed by her jealous husband centuries ago. Chances are, this melancholy spirit will keep to herself and leave you to enjoy the castle's beauty in peace. Each of the guest chambers is breathtaking (a term we do not use lightly), with its decorative ceilings, elegant murals and elaborately carved period furnishings. All room rates include breakfast and access to the castle, which features a grand Belle Époque opera theater, wine cellars and sprawling parkland.

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Rue Louis Moron (D55) 49320 Brissac France


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