Hotel Ratings in Loire Valley

GAYOT's star system rates each hotel property on its décor, service, amenities and ambience, from one star to five stars. To learn more about these ratings, click here.

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Château de Marçay

In the peaceful, pampering surroundings, your every need is efficiently attended to.
Château de Noirieux

Château de Noirieux

Ancient chestnut trees signal the refinement of this château.
Le Choiseul

Le Choiseul

32 well-kept, variously furnished rooms.

Le Prieuré

Classic château great for romantic retreats.

Best Western Hôtel d'Anjou

This centrally located hotel offers spacious rooms.
Château de Brissac France

Château de Brissac

This noble retreat offers an intimate, insider's look at the French aristocracy.
Les Hautes Roches

Les Hautes Roches

The stone and glass reception gives the hotel an exclusive tone.

Hôtel Anne d'Anjou

This wonderful eighteenth-century hotel is in part a registered landmark.

Hôtel Diderot

Easy on this wallet, this charming country manor is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.

Mercure Bords de Loire

This hotel offers charming views of the river.