Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

This sleek, modern resort serves as home base for exploring Easter Island's mysterious moai statues.

A Chilean territory in Polynesia, Easter Island intrigues travelers with its ancient moai statues. There are more than 800 on the island, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The property's architecture reflects the village of Orongo, the remains of which can be found at the peak of Rano Kau volcano, and the main lounge is based on an ancestral casa bote, which is a house shaped like an upside down boat that can be viewed among the island ruins.

Kainga Rooms feature natural materials like cypress trunks and volcanic rock, locally crafted clay bathtubs and scenic terraces, while the Maunga Suites have all the same, as well as extra space. The hotel is dedicated to preservation, and its efforts include solar panels, wind power, waste recycling, water filtration, native landscaping and the use of organic ingredients. Manavai Spa features treatments using island ingredients. Along with a pool bar, there are two house restaurants serving Polynesian flavors: Poerava boasts beautiful sea views while Kaloa Pasta - Bistró offers a more casual setting.

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Av. Pont S/N 7550125 Hanga Roa Chile


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