explora Rapa Nui

Located 8 km from Hanga Roa Hanga Roa

This architecturally edgy hotel serves as an excellent home base for exploring the mysteries of Easter Island.

Surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the farthest-flung inhabited islands on the planet. But that hasn't stopped intrepid tourists from turning up to view the haunting monolithic stone figures (moai) that have made this destination so famous. That said, the island isn't overrun with tourists, and it manages to offer an exceptional degree of luxury in the form of explora Rapa Nui. This eco-friendly resort offers 30 rooms with sweeping ocean views rather than TVs, a serene infinity-edge swimming pool and rates that include meals with an emphasis on healthy cuisine. A favorite among the 20 custom-crafted excursions is a trek past toppled moai to the edge of the Rano Raraku volcanic crater.

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Located 8 km from Hanga Roa 2770000 Hanga Roa Chile


+56 2 2395 2700 Hotel’s Website

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