Hotel Ratings in Twin Cities

Hotel Ratings in Twin Cities

GAYOT's star system rates each hotel property on its décor, service, amenities and ambience, from one star to five stars. To learn more about these ratings, click here.

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Birdwing Spa

Birdwing Spa

A luxurious place to unwind and recharge at the same time.

The Grand Hotel Minneapolis

The place to stay in Minneapolis if you're a rock star or simply a lover of luxury.

Hilton Minneapolis

One of downtown's finest.

Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis

A historic landmark incorporated into a luxury hotel.

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Location, location, location is a highlight at this well-equipped luxury hotel.

JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America

This sleek property delivers a modern vibe along with reliable Marriott comforts.

Loews Minneapolis Hotel

This visually stunning art hotel offers warm Midwest hospitality.

Marriott Minneapolis City Center

An elegant ode to urban glass and steel.
Outing Lodge at Pine Point

Outing Lodge at Pine Point

Estate living in a charming rural setting.

The Saint Paul Hotel

Keeping traditional alive and well with magnificently restored architecture and excellent service.