Sustainability and a do-it-yourself attitude unite at this back-to-nature retreat in the Swedish woods.

While extreme living often requires self-sustainability, the reverse doesn't have to be true. A three-hour drive from Stockholm in the Holaved forest, Urnatur may be remote. But this hands-on property (guests forage for mushrooms and herbs for their tea) is comfortable in its own woodsy way. Tree houses and hand-hewn huts are available from April through October, and each is unique. Moss Cabin’s peat roof is covered with wild strawberries in the summer, while the Air Castle is reached by a charming suspension bridge. As for pampering the environment, light comes from kerosene lamps, and heat from solar or wood power, with wood being gathered from storm-fallen trees whenever possible. Most menu items are procured locally, such as crayfish and berries, and activities include building nesting boxes for owls. Tin Castle offers one of few concessions to the modern day: electricity to meet event needs.

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Sjögetorp 3 599 91 Ödeshög Sweden


+46 (0)144-10234 Hotel’s Website

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Huts & Tree Houses from 3,600 (SEK)

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