Depravity alert! "Les Onze Milles Verges" is one of the strangest books we've ever come across. 

Written in 1907 by Guillaume Apollinaire, one of France's favorite literary sons, it is pornography nonpareil, putting to shame even some of Marquis de Sade's most sadistic works. In fact, Apollinaire did dream of becoming the Marquis' worthy successor of letters. "Les Onze Milles Verges" tells the story of count Vibescu Mony, whose excesses cover every sexual variation under the sun, from necrophilia to ondinism to S&M to vampires (not the Bella/Edward kind, though). Admittedly, it's not the kind of romantic book that gets dames dreaming of tall, dark and handsome strangers doing seductive things. But as an unabashedly obscene work on the subject of sex, it's an intriguing read that serious erotica collectors will want on their shelves.