French sommelier Hervé Pennequin had the right idea when he came up with the Le Thiers Sommelier Corkscrew. 

This wine tool is especially designed for ease — it allows you to open bottles with corks intact. This particular corkscrew is also widely used in restaurants because of its ability to keep long or dry corks vertical as they are removed. The design of the corkscrew is in accordance with the regulations of the Confrérie de Tiè knives, used in the village of Thiers, France since 1582, where this very corkscrew is also made. This makes it the only tool of its kind with an appellation. You can get it in a leather holster in blond horn, wood barrel and stainless steel. There are many corkscrews out there but this is the only one you'll ever need. After five to 10 corks, wine enthusiasts will master bottle opening thanks to its linear leverage effect.