Experiments in the kitchen can get you a better soufflé, but who knew they could also dub you darling of the underwear world! 

At least this is true if you are Damaris Evans, the mastermind behind bottom cleavage. Shortly after completing her first sexy knicker designs from her kitchen in 2001, Central Saint Martins College graduate Damaris gained overnight celebrity status by wowing stylists and the fickle members of the fashion press through private showings, garnering rave reviews in Vogue and Elle. The latter quickly crowned her "Lingerie Queen" and the real Queen took note: Damaris was summoned to Buckingham Palace to receive her "Celebration of British Design" award.

Damaris has since gained a loyal following of celebs, royalty and mere mortals who are smitten with the avant-garde line's cheeky (pardon the pun) bottom cleavage panties, signature "bow knickers," sassy shoulder bras and infamous naked bra. Damaris' tad more affordable Mimi Holliday line is equally eye-catching. But what can you expect from a designer who describes herself as "knickercentric?"