Enjoy the silence with SleepPhones.

For long international flights, we often don a sleep mask as well as headphones in order to block out the lights and sounds of an airplane. SleepPhones combine the two sensory deprivers into one slick package. Developed by an M.D., SleepPhones are a pair of speakers tucked inside a soft headband that can be connected to a variety of electronic gear through a wire or via Bluetooth. Users can listen to music or a podcast, then lower the headband over their eyes when they want to catch some shut-eye.

The item is much more comfortable than regular headphones, allowing sleep to arrive that much easier. SleepPhones are the best kind of travel gift because you can also use them at home. Besides helping you to drift off while your bed partner watches TV or snores, they can even be worn while jogging (but keep the headband above the eyes). The headband is washable, and the product offers a free app and soothing MP3s that the manufacturer claims can help you fall asleep more quickly.