Witness the nightmarish life of African child soldiers in the Netflix original Beasts of No Nation.

The African country where the action takes place in "Beasts of No Nation" is never identified in director Cary Joji Fukunaga's nightmarish dive into the world of a child soldier, fighting during that unnamed country's civil war. There's a reason for this. It's a terrifying reality in a number of African countries (the United Nations estimates that more than 100,000 young boys are used as combatants there), which this film heartbreakingly explores. The story follows the experience of Agu, a boy who is swept into war after his family is killed in front of his eyes. Brutal, unyielding and disquieting, the story centers on his relationship with the Commandant (played by Idris Elba, in a much-vaunted performance) of his rebel unit and with another young boy who teaches him how to survive in this both literal and figurative jungle.