An eye-opening and essential documentary about the 13th amendment's long-term effects on race relations in America and the ever-growing prison industrial complex.

Ava DuVernay made a big splash in 2014 as director of "Selma," the fact-based drama about Martin Luther King's march on Selma and the fight for civil rights in America. Now, DuVernay gets even more real with "13TH," a documentary that addresses the systematic racism inherent in the United States' prison system. Alluding to the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery, "13TH" brilliantly illustrates that there's still a form of slavery in America via the incarceration of black men in overwhelming numbers – which leads to a "free" workforce within prison walls. Timely, disturbing and a must-see, this documentary will shift how you think about crime and race in America.