Best Streaming TV Series
You Haven't Seen Yet

This modern-day reimagining of the 1970s sitcom follows the life of a Cuban-American single mom raising two kids with the help of her mother portrayed by the iconic Rita Moreno.

This Netflix original series is perfect for those who enjoy sitcoms that deliver punchlines but can also tug at your heartstrings. Justina Machado plays Penelope "Lupita" Alvarez, a fierce and hard-working single mom whose own mom, Lydia, helps her raise her two kids Elena, 15, and Alex, 12, in the gentrified neighborhood of Echo Park in Los Angeles. The former Army Corps nurse who was stationed in Afghanistan now works in a small practice after separating from her husband and fellow Army vet, Victor Alvarez. The only constant male figure on the show is her landlord, the hipster Dwayne Schneider who comedically crosses all landlord/tenant boundaries as an unofficial member of the family. 

In the same vein as fellow Netflix original series Fuller House (multi-camera and with a live audience), the one-two punchline approach delivers heartwarming moments and memorable one-liners ("Jesus and Santa Claus were cousins") but it also veers into tougher subject matter including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, coming out and alcoholism in addition to the financial burdens of single parenting. Expect to laugh and cry with every episode and in true Cuban fashion there is plenty of music (Celia Cruz, natch) and salsa dancing. 

Where to watch it:  Netflix