Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet star in this sexy 19th-century thriller. 

This lusty tale is fictional, but it delves into the dark, twisted and licentious mind of the real-life Marquis de Sade, the infamous 18th century French libertine who was so shocking he was institutionalized most of his life. (He's the reason the word "sadism" exists.) Focusing on the Marquis' final years in an insane asylum, "Quills" doesn't hold back on the brazen sexual appetite of its main character (brilliantly portrayed by Geoffrey Rush, who received an Oscar nomination for this role), but it's neither crude nor pornographic. Rather, it pulls viewers into the inner turmoil and sadistic mental games that take each character to the edge, whether it's the Marquis' spunky laundress Maddie (Kate Winslet), his doctor (Michael Caine) or the asylum priest (Joaquin Phoenix).