A young boy's obsession with his bad hair opens the window to a host of other problems within the family. 

The only thing this nine-year-old boy named Junior wants is straight hair. But his obsession with it not only drives his mother crazy; it also ignites within her a deep-seeded homophobia that she believes is a result of Junior's fatherless upbringing. The young boy's love for his mom coupled with his aching desire for "better" hair creates an often hard-to-watch tension between the two. Mariana Rondón captures so much authenticity with her writing and directing, that it will make you feel like you're intruding on this Venezuelan boy's life for 93 subtly gripping minutes. Winner of the Golden Seashell Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival as well as Best Film at the Havana Film Festival, Pelo Malo is an unexpected work of art in the indie film world.