An enchanting tale about forbidden love takes a fantastical turn in "Como Agua para Chocolate."

Director Alfonso Arua was married to the woman who conjured up this ingenious tale about forbidden love when he worked on the film. Although they divorced a few years later, it was Laura Esquivel, the novelist responsible for Como Agua para Chocolate who helped give the movie so much depth. The main character Tita (Lumi Cavazos) who falls in love with her neighbor, Pedro (Marco Leonardi), is forbidden from ever marrying due to an age-old tradition in their family, which requires the youngest-born daughter to watch after her mother until she dies. Creatively teetering between realism and the supernatural, the film plays to our every emotion as we watch Tita’s angst and sadness unravel onscreen. Things get particularly interesting in the film as she develops special powers to influence people’s emotions through her baking.