Two Italian-immigrant brothers, Primo and Secondo, struggle to keep their restaurant in business in "Big Night."

Take a cast of fantastic actors and place them into a story filled with hope, sadness and a boatload of Italian food, and the result is the yummy "Big Night." Stanley Tucci co-wrote and co-directed this film (along with Campbell Scott, who also appears) about two Italian-immigrant brothers who come to America in the 1950s to try to make their fortune by opening a restaurant. Tucci stars as Secondo, the younger brother to Tony Shalhoub's Primo. Primo is a master chef and Secondo is the front-of-house brains, but they can't compete with Pascal's, the flashy Italian place right down the street, run by Ian Holm and Isabella Rossellini. As their finances crumble, the brothers go after one "Big Night," when singer Louis Prima has promised to come and try their food. It's a wild night filled with romance, disappointment and some of the most gorgeous plates of food you'll ever see.