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Is T-Mobile over charging?

Is T-Mobile over charging?

by Sophie Gayot, Los Angeles March 15th 2017

At the end of 2016, the phone company T-Mobile had a promotion that looked very appealing: 4 mobile lines, with unlimited voice (USA, Canada, Mexico), unlimited text, unlimited Internet for $140 + taxes. When travelling abroad, text and Internet are also included. This was very appealing to me as I travel quite often. And let us not forget the $200 gift card per line poured over to T-Mobile from another carrier.

We are now in mid-March and some of this did not happen. Every month, when comes the bill, the price is not right, and of course in the wrong direction. Every month I have to call for adjustments.

Yesterday after 20 minutes on hold for the appropriate person, I looked at the adjustments and details. Here is the math: total current bill $ 187.93. Since I am told I am billed the correct amount, it means that there is $ 47.93 for taxes. I insisted, and told the operator that there can not be $ 47.93 of taxes on a bill of $ 140.

The operator then told me that I am charged $ 120 monthly + $ 20 for the first line + $ 20 for the second line and nothing for lines 3 and 4 (and a fifth one that came later, for which the taxes are more expensive than the other lines). This makes a total of $ 160 before taxes. (Document below on the page.)

Here is the explanation:

1.      I signed for the promotion on its last day December 6th, 2016. I did that over the phone and ordered an iPhone and 4 lines. Right after the phone call, I received via email my “Service Agreement”, stamped “12/06/16 at 10:49 AM PST”. (Document below on the page.)

2.      My order was shipped on December 8th, 2016, email time stamp “Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 9:03 PM”.

3.      The phone and the 4 sim cards corresponding to the lines arrived later.

4.      The 4 lines were activated by me over the phone with a T-Mobile representative on December 16th, email time stamp “Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 3:45 PM”.

The operator tells me that since I activated the lines, (December 16th) after the promotion ended (December 6th), the promotion is not applicable.

I asked the operator to justify this and to show me any binding documents I would have agreed to that would say something like “since the lines were activated after the expiration of the promotion, you can not benefit the promotion, even if you have purchased the promotion when it was not expired.” The answer was: “it is an internal document, I can not show it to you.”

Explain something to me T-Mobile: you knowingly sell over the phone a promotion for a service that can not be activated right away because sim cards have to be mailed and received. And since the activation was done after the end of the promotion, the price, corresponding to the service agreement executed on a day the promotion is still available, is not applicable. I am not sure I understand your way. If I understand my way: you are trying to add a monthly charge of $ 20 to my account. And these gifts cards? I am still waiting for them.

Am I happy? No and no.

I will keep you posted on the resolution of this matter.