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Tech Product Reviews

Tech Product Reviews

GAYOT's latest news and reviews on tech gadgets, cameras, tablets and other must-have electronics and accessories.

Bobo Virtual Reality Headset


For those who are still kids at heart, this high-tech virtual reality headset is sure to provide hours of entertainment. From tight-rope walking to roller coaster rides, you can explore new worlds through 3D simulators.

ZUS Smart Car Finder & Phone Charger

Never lose your car in a parking lot again with the ZUS Smart Car Finder and USB Phone Charger

We've all been there. You're convinced your car is parked on P3A, you know, by the wall with the purple signs? But you've been circling that level for 15 minutes now and your car is nowhere to be seen. Instead of hitting the panic button again, try a different approach. Consider investing in this hot new tech item that is seeking funding on IndieGoGo right now. The ZUS Smart Car Finder & Dual USB Car Charger uses a digital compass to locate your ride and doubles as a lightening-fast USB car charger for your phone. The best part? You can locate your car without wifi or cellular service. It's practical, useful and stylish, which explains why it became the Winner of 2016's iF Design Awards. 

Vivitar 786HD Action Cam

Record yourself with 360 degree angles with the wateproof Vivitar ActionCam

Recording yourself has come full circle. Literally. The Vivitar 786HD ActionCamcorder allows you to capture videos from 360 degree angles while you're performing any type of activity. We love that this Vivitar is waterproof, so you can record your next underwater adventure, not to mention it includes mount accessories for placement on a bike or ATV. Its lightweight and compact frame makes it easy to take with you and the 1080p HD video quality ensures all your recordings are sharp and crisp. 


The ACTIVON Camera is a pocket-sized powerhouse that packs a punch

Now you can document every moment of your next adventure with ACTIVEON, a pocket-sized, ready-to-go camera that offers excellent resolution for super fine clarity. Our favorite is the CX Gold and we were impressed by the touchscreen which allows you to change modes with a single swipe. The protective water-resistant case is yet another reason to take this on your next trip, whether you're whitewater rafting, jet skiing or zip lining.

TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch

TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch

Redefining the look and feel of a smart watch, the elegant TAG Heuer Connected offers modern features like Android Wear connectivity and even iOS compatibilty. The interactive display lets you choose between various apps like Google Fit or the classic analog view. Another bonus: Google software and Intel inside capabilities.