Best Female Chefs
in the U.S.

Women Changing the Culinary Landscape

It's ironic that historically women have been told their place is in the kitchen, yet when you take a look at the restaurant industry, it has been long dominated by men. The Culinary Institute of America – the nation’s foremost culinary school – was founded in 1946 by two remarkable women, but it was established to train veterans returning from World War II and for a time, did not even allow women to enroll.

There are those who argue that women have shattered many a glass ceiling and the time has come to stop focusing on gender. After all, which male chef has ever been asked how it feels to be a male chef? But the reality is that women are still underrepresented in the culinary realm and here at GAYOT, we want to celebrate these chefs – who happen to be women – for the hard culinary work they do.

In this spirit, we have selected 10 top female chefs, presented in alphabetical order, from cities across America. We salute these women who inspire and empower other women to pursue their dreams in the kitchen and more importantly, to persist on their own terms. Such recognition is especially important during these turbulent times.